Copenhagen Bath


Vi trenger alle rom for å leve, jobbe, tenke, skape og hvile. Med bad fra Copenhagne Bath kan du skape ditt eget elegante baderom med funksjonalitet og eleganse. 

Copenhagen Bath er laget i matt hvit Acovi som gir et matt og elegant uttrykk og en herlig soft touch ved berøring. 

Copenhagen Bath er renhet, design, eleganse og funksjonalitet i Skandinavisk stil og design.

“The time you spend in your bathroom should be about a moment of peace. This is our philosophy at Copenhagen Bath and the reason we offer not only great functionality, but also a mentally quiet and characteristically simple Scandinavian design.

Our unique patented Acovi solid surface is a massive yet adaptable material that can be cast, shaped and even cut very thinly. This gives us amazing possibilities when creating beautiful bathroom furniture. It is pore-free and can withstand the test of time and plashing water. This makes it perfect for a wide range of products like wash basins, bathtubs, cabinets and shelves that Copenhagen Bath offers. We even produce our designs in custom measurements to create your dream bathroom. You now hold our new catalogue in your hands, so put your feet up, spend some time on yourself and get inspired and seduced by our many beautiful designs and collections”.

Copenhagen Btah
Copenhagen Bath solid surface matt hvit badekar og vasker